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    Company overview M3


    To abbreviate: M3 Communication Company

    M3 Communication Co., Ltd formerly known as M3 Communication factory was established on December 19, 1971 under Ministry of Defense with the mission of maintaining and producing telecommunication components and electronic measurement systems.

    From January 1, 2010, the factory was transferred to the Military Telecommunications Corporation (now being named Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group). With the orientation to become the main production unit of Viettel Group in the field of telecommunication equipment and precision mechanical

    engineering, M3 Company is formed as a model production complex, combining research, manufacturing and providing solutions in the field of telecommunication equipment as well as precision mechanical engineering and composite materials.

    Currently, M3 Communication Company is leading the domestic market on fiber optic cable and exporting our products to 12 countries in 4 continents (Myanmar, Cambodia, Senegal, France, Peru...). Our precision engineering and composite materials production has gained many achievements in domestic market and is being expanded into foreign markets.

  • Vision - Mission - Core values

  • Vision

    To become the leader in telecommunication and aerospace technology innovation and mechanical engineering.

  • Mission Statement

    Supply customer with the best quality products in precise engineering, telecommunication technology and fiber optic cable.

    Promoting innovation in aerospace technology, defense production and mechanical engineering.

  • Core value

    Business development goes with social responsibility
    As the development of society is the foundation for business growth, companies should take action to improve and develop the society in which they operate in.

    Human resources are the key to development and each employee should be happy and play a creative role; therefore, a good working environment is essential.

    • Value innovation

    Innovation is new thinking about an old issue. Doing things differently, respecting and honoring every idea, no matter where it comes from. Building a creative environment that encourages innovation for both customers and employees.

    • Change is a norm

    Competitive strength is based on rapid adaptability.

    Considering changes to ensure adaptability is a norm. Thinking and managing continuously to efficiently adjust strategies and operational structures.

    Discipline is a norm.

    Developing strict discipline, solidarity and acceptance of hardships while being devoted to the work. Performing in a decisive, quick and thorough manner.

    The company is a second family.

    Respecting co-workers including when involving the smallest of jobs. Understand each member as an indispensable part of the organization.

    • System thinking

    Possessing a strategic vision and knowledge to master the organization’s system. Professionalizing every work stage to ensure rapid development and sustainability. Simplifying complicated problems.

  • Organizational structure M3

    M3 Company is organized into 10 departments / centers and 3 enterprises according to matrix organization model

    Organization chart M3

    History of development

  • Established under the order of Ministry of Defense with the mission of maintaining and producing telecommunication components and electronic measurement systems.

  • Increase the revenue

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